What Was the Best Selling Game Console of 2009?

The best video gaming consoles to 2009 are the Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360. There are many people who follow each brand of console and it’s easy to suggest some top games to play free to these consoles. Each one of the consoles have many or similar features. Online gameplay is a must these days for a gaming console, and each of these consoles can perform the act.

There is much discussion online about which console is the best, and you can visit any forum to find out how many dedicated players thereafter reach brand. Let’s look at each one of these consoles in turn.

The Nintendo Wii is a great family console and enjoyable for people of all ages. Kids will most likely find this a most attractive of all of the consoles because of the easy on the eye graphics, and the motion sensing gameplay. This brings each player into the action and they’re not just sitting on the couch sing the controller passively. Many of the games Nintendo has released over the years have been rereleased on to this console, and that makes it a very big attraction for old school games as well. You’ll find Mario games and even Zelda is in there too.

Next we look at the XBox 360 which is released by Microsoft. this console has many great advantages to the people who are interested in playing online. The online ยูฟ่าเบท gaming community accepted this console with open arms, and has supported the release of many new first person shooter games that have attracted hard-core gamers from around the world to compete for prizes and titles. There is no other gaming console so far, which has had such a large online following and support. There are however, some common problems with an XBox 360 console. The red ring of death is a common occurring is that can affect your console and is a known issue. However, Microsoft claims the problem has been fixed. If you have a problem with your XBox 360, and it is caused by red ring of death, then there is also a three-year warranty available for a repair.

The PlayStation 3 has been released and is the only gaming console with the blue ray, DVD player. This means that many of the games are in much higher resolution than the other gaming consoles. The console also doubles as DVD player for all blue ray DVD’s. The original PlayStation 3 had an 80 GB hard drive, which would play DVDs from all regions. This is one of the most popular and highly sought-after PlayStation 3 models, but is very hard to get these days.